Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (32권4호 547-554)

Interfacial Reaction of Galvanized Steel in Ni Added Zn-0.18Al Bath

Zn-0.18Al 도금욕에서 Ni첨가에 따른 아연 도금강의 계면반응


한려대학교 제철금속학과;아시아자동차 기술연구소(주);전남대학교 공과대학 금속공학과;


The interfacial reaction, spangle and coating thickness of galvanized steel in Ni added Zn-0.18Al bath have been investigated. The size of spangle and thickness of reaction layer were observed under an optical microscope, SEM and EDS. Analysing the experimental results concerning spangle size of galvanized steel it was found that Ni addition in Zn-0.18Al bath tended to be minimized spangle size. For Zn-0.18Al bath, addition of 0.1Ni suppressed the formation of Fe-Zn intermetallic compounds but increased with Ni content above 0.1%. The coating thickness of galvanized steel was reduced with Ni addition in Zn-0.18Al bath, especially in Zn-0.18Al-0.05Ni bath. Addition of Al in Ni containing bath resulted in forming the Al-Ni intermetallic compounds such as $Al_3$Ni$_2$ and $Al_2$Ni which consist most of top precipitates.