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Effect of Brown Oxide Formation on the Fracture Toughness of Leadframe/EMC Interface

Brown Oxide 형성이 리드프레임/EMC 계면의 파괴인성치에 미치는 영향

H. Y., Lee;J., Yu;

Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology;


A copper based leadframe was oxidized in brown-oxide forming solution, then the growth characteristics of brown oxide and the effect of brown-oxide formation on the adhesion strength of leadframe to epoxy molding compound (EMC) were studied by using sandwiched double cantilever beam (SDCB) specimens. The brown oxide is composed of fine acicular CuO, and its thickness increased up to ~150 nm within 2 minutes and saturated. Bare leadframe showed alomost no adhesion to EMC, while once the brown-oxide layer formed on the Surface of leadframe, the adhesion strength increased up to ~80 J/$m^2$ within 2 minutes. Correlation between oxide thickness, $delta$ and the adhesion strength in terms of interfacial fracture toughness, $G_{c}$ was linear. Considering the above results, we might conclude that the main adhesion mechanism of brown-oxide treated leadframe to EMC is mechanical interlocking, in which fine acicular CuO plays a major role.e.