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한국표면공학회지 (32권1호 21-30)

A Study on Coating Adhesion of Hot Rolled Galvanized Iron Manufactured without pickling process

산세생략형 열연 용융아연도금강판의 특성


포항종합제철주식회사 기술연구소 광양압연연구그룹;


Coating adherance behavior of low carbon steels, produced by POSCO, Korea, was studied in order to study the characteristics of hot rolled galvanized iron(HGI) manufactured without pickling line and the development of its process. Galvanizing experiments were carried out in zinc pot with 0.2wt% Al after hot rolled plates with scale were reduced at $550~750^{circ}C$ in 10~30% hydrogen gas atmosphere during 60~400seconds. The reduced plates and coated products were examined by SST, XRD, SEM and EPMA on their surfaces and cross sections. Coating layer of HGI manufactured with pickling line was composed of retained scale, Fe-Zn-Al compound, Fe-Zn compound ($delta_1;and;zeta$ Phase) and pure zinc. It was superior to HGI in coating adhesion. It seems to be due to forming of Fe-Zn-Al compound in interface of matrix and retained porous scale.