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한국표면공학회지 (29권2호 109-119)

The Effects of Stabilizers on Adhesion of Electroless Copper Deposits on Alumina

Alumina 소지상의 무전해 동도금층의 밀착력에 미치는 안정제의 영향


영남대학교 금속공학과;


In order to improve adhesion of electroless copper deposits on alumina substrates, some stabilizers such as 2-Mercapto Benzothiazole, thiourea and NaCN were added over a wide range of concentrations. The adhesion tests of the deposits were performed by using the cellophane tape and the push-pull scale. With the minor addition of the stabilizers, 2-MBT having a large molecular size gives poor adhesion, together with a finer grain structure, whereas Thiourea and NaCN show a high mechanical strength of the deposits. The high mechanical strength is supposed to be due to the easy desorption of hydrogen gas generated from the electroless reactions. A large amount of the three stabilizers decreases the adhesion for all the cases, resulting from strong adsorption of the stabilizers to the substrates.