Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

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한국표면공학회지 (29권1호 36-44)

The Effect of Rapid Solidification Process on the Oxidation Behavior of Fe-Cr-Al Alloys at Elevated Temperature

Fe-Cr-Al 합금의 급속응고가 고온산화거동에 미치는 영향


한국기계연구원 재료공정과;한국전력연구원;충남대학교 재료공학과;


Fe-Cr-Al and Fe-Cr-Al-Hf alloys prepared either by arc melting or by single roll casting(melt spinning) were exposed to air isothermally at 900~$1100^{circ}C$. Whisker-like alumina was observed on the surface of the specimens when oxidized at $900^{circ}C$, but convoluted alumina above $1000^{circ}C$. All the Hf-free specimens and Hf-added specimens produced by single roll casting formed only external scale mainly composed of $Al_2O_3$ after oxidation at 900~$1100^{circ}C$ for 100 hours, but Hf-added specimen produced by arc melting formed Hf-rich internal oxides below the thin external $Al_2O_3$ scale except at $900^{circ}C$. Most of the rapidly solidified Fe-Cr-Al alloys showed smaller weight gains than conventionally casted ones besides Hf-added one oxidized at $1100^{circ}C$.