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한국표면공학회지 (16권2호 41-47)

The Effcts of Temperature and Ni Addition on the Wetting Behaviour of Cu on W

텅스텐판상에서 구리액상의 습윤거동에 미치는 온도 및 니켈 첨가의 효과


한양대학교 반월대학 금속재료공학과;


An investigation has been performed on the effects of temperature and Ni addition on the wetting behaviour of Cu on W substrate in hydrogen atmosphere. An sessile drop method was used to measure a wetting angle. The concentration profiles of W, Cu and Ni elements in W/Cu - 5 Ni specimen were made by EPMA. With increasing temperature, the wetting angle of Cu droplet on W plate decreases and the time to reach an equilibrium wetting angle is shortened in hydrogen atmosphere. The addition of Ni improves appreciably the wettability of Cu on W. With increasing Ni content in Cu liquid droplet(0, 1, 3, 5%), the wetting angle is decreased from 21$^{circ}$to 0$^{circ}$.